Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne

The Melbourne Food Tours’ Sunday lunch was at Movida, 1 Hosier Lane. Claimed as the highlight of the tour, the degustation was full of surprises. Each course was flavoursome and all dishes were complimenting each other. Stand outs were the Jamone that is aged for 24 months before serving as well as the extremely palatable Cecina (air-dried wagyu beef with beef, poached egg and truffle foam). Special mention also for the Cordero al Chilindron (Pyrenees wett roast lamb breast with fino and paprika sauce) and the Pan con chocolate (chocolate, bread and olive oil sorbet). 

Rating 9.2 (EP - Extremely Palatable)

Read more on our experience to Movida from Tempting Palates member The Food Artisan here http://bit.ly/ZNhHo4

Air-dried wagyu beef with poached egg and truffle foam. The pictures show the process of how to mix it together before eating.

Puerros (slow cooked baby leeks with butter and garlic)

Anchoa (hand filleted cantabrian artisan anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet) 

Croquetas de choco en su tinta (squid ink croqueta with cuttlefish)

Zanahoria (spiced honey and carrot salad with sheep’s milk yoghurt) 

 Jamone (carrasco paletilla iberico de bellota, aged 24 months)

Cordero al chilindron (pyrenees wet roast lamb breast with fino and paprika sauce) 

Pan catalan 

Bocadillo (sardine sandwich with compressed capsicum)

Pescado (oven roast snapper with catalan style braised ruby chard, pine nuts and raisins) 

Churros with rich drinking chocolate

Pan con chocolate – chocolate, bread and olive oil sorbet

Our table at Movida

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